Palak Paneer – Indian Spinach Curry with Cheese

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Palak Paneer is the ultimate and best-known Indian spinach curry, made with golden pan-fried pieces of cheese (paneer). For a recipe this special, I can’t endorse shortcuts. This version is made entirely from scratch – including the paneer cheese!

And … while we’re at it, welcome to Indian Week here at RecipeTin Eats!!

🌶 Welcome to Indian week!! 🌶

Palak Paneer is a recipe I’ve been busting to nail for years now. I’m thrilled it’s finally ready to share with you. So to celebrate, I’ve decided to declare this week as Indian week!

Palak Paneer – Indian Spinach Curry with Cheese 2

This week there will be three brand new, iconic Indian recipes to make your very own Indian feast:

  1. Palak Paneer – This recipe, including homemade paneer (the cheese!)
  2. Naan – Finally, finally, finally! FIVE YEARS in the making!
  3. Samosas – Oh yes we did … and it’s AMAZING!!!

Note the extreme and excessive use of exclamation marks here … a small indicator of the level of excitement and work that has gone into these recipes. I hope you enjoy them!


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