Naan recipe – chewy & fluffy!

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So many naan recipes are nothing more than a basic flatbread recipe. But this one? Fluffy, bubbly and CHEWY, just like you get at Indian restaurants. It’s so incredible, you’d swear it’s just been pulled from a tandoor!

Bonus: It’s mind-bogglingly easy. Yes, really!

🌶 Welcome back to Indian Week! 🌶

This week there will be three brand new, iconic Indian recipes to make your very own Indian feast:

  1. Palak Paneer – The famous Indian Spinach Curry with homemade Paneer (cheese!)
  2. Naan – This recipe, FIVE YEARS in the making, it’s finally here!
  3. Samosas – Oh yes we did … and it’s AMAZING!!! Coming Friday.

Plus a colourful side salad – a Cabbage & Carrot Thoran-style Salad! (PS I am literally obsessed with that salad…)


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